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Michael's Bail Bond Co, LLC realizes the effect of bullying on the lives of both students and their families. After local instances of teen suicide in Newport News, VA related to bullying, Michael's Bail Bond Co, LLC established a scholarship along with Best Selling Author Justin C. Hart, aimed at addressing the issue.

The Anti-Bullying Scholarship was established in 2016 by Woodside High School alumni Michael Ryan Crichlow, owner of Michael's Bail Bond Co, LLC and Best Selling Inspirational Author Justin C. Hart. We have a $1,000.00 yearly scholarship available to high school seniors currently attending Newport News Public Schools who best exemplify how to prevent bullying and eliminate the problem of bullying in their school.

On August 17, 2016 our owner's life was threatened by another bail bondsman who conducts business in the Newport News Magistrate's Office. A police report has been filed with the Newport News Police Department but, Chief Magistrate Valla V. Olliver of the City of Newport News refuses to allow a warrant to be filed against the bondsman who assaulted and threatened our owner's life.

On Wednesday August 17, 2016 I was at the Newport News magistrate’s office waiting for a recognizance form for a client. While waiting for paperwork Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496) entered the magistrate’s office and submitted a name for bonding while I sat on the bench. Mr. Simmons sat next me then began to make phone calls in the magistrate’s office.

*Mr. Simmons has been defaming my character for years and recently called me a "twerp" to a former client that he bailed out of Hampton City Jail.

Once Mr. Simmons got off the phone I told him that I was aware that he defamed my character while posting bail at Hampton City Jail. I also told Mr. Simmons that if he continues to defame my character when he conducts business, DO NOT USE MY REAL NAME. I told Mr. Simmons to call me "The Fresh Prince of Bad-Newz." After I told Mr. Simmons to call me by my nickname Mr. Simmons said the following:

"No, you're a FAGGOT who likes to get FUCKED UP the ass." - Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496)

I also told Mr. Simmons that I'm aware that he likes to sleep around with a lot of different women in sketchy neighborhoods so, it would behoove him to stay out of the following neighborhoods because he is big, dark skinned and everyone can see him:

Warwick Lawns
Courthouse Green

After Mr. Simmons disrespected me to my face once again, I smiled at him. And after I knew I "got his goat," I made him aware that I knew he was a Libra. I then told Mr. Simmons that Libra is the only astrological sign that is not represented by a human or animal. I then explained to Mr. Simmons that the metaphor is that individuals born under the astrological sign Libra may not possess or even have a soul: Which is why Mr. Simmons is always in the newspaper for shady business practices. Mr. Simmons went into a RAGE and said the following:

"Fuck, you."
"Go suck on your momma's tittie."
"You're a FAGGOT who likes to get FUCKED up the ass." - Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496)

Mr. Jim Searcy (DCJS 99-174372) then walked in, sat down and began to do paperwork. While Mr. Searcy was doing paperwork I asked him if I was right to assume that he is a Capricorn. He smiled then said "Yes." When I explained the metaphor to Mr. Searcy he continued to smile and laugh. Mr. Simmons got mad said the following:

"Fuck you, You FAGGOT."
"Go suck on your momma's tittie, bitch." - Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496)

Mr. Searcy tried to calm the situation. I also noticed Mr. Jimmy JJ Jones (DCJS 99-173369) try to submit a name as well (I believe he was there to post bail for the same person that I was waiting for). Jimmy JJ Jones then left the magistrates office.

Mr. Simmons began to stand up and pace the magistrate’s office VIOLENTLY saying the following:

"I'm going to FUCK YOU UP."
"Keep talking. I'm going to BEAT YOUR ASS." - Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496)

Mr. Simmons paced the room violently. I stood up to look through the magistrate window to see if there was someone present. When I noticed Magistrate Hertz at the window Mr. Simmons got close to me and bumped me soft enough to try and make me angry and to hit him back. I did not touch Mr. Simmons. I stepped away.

When Mr. Searcy tried to diffuse the situation Mr. Simmons decided to walk outside and calm down (I guess). As he left the magistrates office he said the following:

"Come outside and I'm going to BEAT YOUR ASS."
"When I see you, I'm going to FUCK YOU UP." - Jeffrey W. Simmons (DCJS 99-176496)

S/N: I am a soft spoken person. I did not yell once. My voice was at a whisper the ENTIRE TIME. I want this man arrested. He threatened my safety and my life. I will not be made afraid to conduct business in the Newport News Magistrates Office.

Michael Crichlow
Michael's Bail Bond Co, LLC
962 Hollymeade Cir
Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 952.9666

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