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Operation Lockdown

Michael's Bail Bond Co Presents "Operation Lockdown"

  • Swagged Up feat. Bubskee
  • Exotic Location feat. Terminal & Robert James
  • Hustlin' (MBBC Version) feat. Bubskee
  • Not For Radio feat. Bubskee, Relentless and The Fresh Prince of Bad-Newz
  • Swagged Up (Hood Remix) feat. Bubskee, Young Lye, DAE and Zo
  • BOSS feat. Ray Littles, Bubskee, Young Lye & DAE
  • Roll Wit' Me feat. Bubskee
  • MBBC Freestyle feat. Bubskee & DAE
  • Straight Gettin' It feat. Young Lye, Bubskee & DAE
  • Paper Gangsta (Bootleg) Lady Gaga feat. Bubskee (circa. 2010)
  • Swagged Up feat. Bubskee (circa. 2010)
  • Roll Wit' Me feat. Bubskee (circa. 2010)
  • Commercial Bail and the American Taxpayer feat. Michael Ryan Crichlow "The Fresh Prince of Bad-Newz" & Larry Stevenson "The Bearded Black Cowboy"

Executive Produced by Michael R. Crichlow & Joshua Hamilton
Produced by Julius Diaz, Michael R. Crichlow aka The Fresh Prince of Bad-Newz, Joshua Hamilton aka Relentless, Simone James aka Enomis TZ and Naquis Brabham

Michael's Bail Bond Co, LLC Presents "Roll Wit' Me" feat. Bubskee